Transform Your Casino Revenue Management to Maximize Profits

Learn how properties and their tech partners align their strategies to help casinos make data-driven decisions — not bets — to grow profitability.

In this free webinar, learn from Agilysys and Duetto about the benefits of a more comprehensive revenue strategy, including:

  • A shared strategy that ensures different departments are working with the same sets of data.
  • New actionable data sources such as competitor rate shopping, review scores and web shopping activity.
  • Real-time data sharing among two-way connected systems.

Hotels and casinos have been saddled with antiquated technology and functional silos that have prevented them from using advanced data to understand the true value of their customers. We’re excited about our partnership with Agilysys to help the industries break down old barriers, adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and optimize pricing.

-- Patrick Bosworth, CEO and co-founder, Duetto