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Agilysys Spa: Seamless Spa Management & Scheduling

Agilysys Spa is a feature rich, easy to deploy spa management solution. Put your Spa’s best foot forward for reopening post COVID-19 with a modern user interface, easy to use intuitive screens and the ability to curate personalized services with individual client profiles.

This webinar covers how to:

  • Exceed guest expectations while observing COVID-19 service requirements
  • Maximize revenue during constrained service levels
  • Optimize labor utilization as you move to a post COVID-19 new normal
  • Use online booking to simplify the user experience and increase service upsells

Agilysys Hospitality Coronavirus Resource Center

Connecting hospitality professionals to critical pandemic resources and the up-to-the-minute news during this time of need.


Increase Business Exposure when you have Easy Internet Bookings

Curate Personalized Services with Individual Client Profiles

Minimize Loss with Integrated Inventory Control