How Hotels, Resorts and Casinos are Winning with Next-Generation Hospitality Technology

Webinar Replay:

Next-Generation Property Management Systems

In this webinar, Jeff Zabin, CEO of Starfleet Media and an expert on benchmarking best practices in hospitality technology, explained how top-performing hotels, resorts and casinos are achieving their desired business objectives, based on the latest industry research. He also addressed key questions such as:

  • What key concepts should hoteliers keep in mind?
  • What buying considerations should influence the purchase decision?
  • How can they maximize the value of the investment?
  • How can they drive continuous performance improvement?


89% respondents say that one of the biggest reasons to upgrade their Hotel Property Management Systems is to streamline operations and drive increased efficiency.


Starfleet Media

When reviewing property management systems, one of our primary considerations was a fully integrated solution that was flexible and easy to use. The solution [needed to] provide the total package, including timeshare functionality that enables us to manage the resort’s condominium units. We are confident the technology will help us boost efficiency, streamline day-to-day operations and deliver an outstanding guest experience.

-- Froilan Ramirez, General Manager, Casa Ybel Resort